Concrete repair can be as elementary as repairing a few spalls and cracks or as advanced as structurally restoring a concrete building requiring shoring, rebar replacement, major patching or full-depth slab, column or beam replacement.

Culbertson Restoration works with top-notch engineering firms who can identify and complete the proper repair procedures, adding value and longevity to a concrete structure.

Typical repairs include surface spalls, deep patches 2”-6”, full-depth slab repair, crack repairs, epoxy injection, protective coatings and expansion joints.

Concrete needs to be protected from moisture entering the surface, thus causing spalling, which leads to the need for major repairs if left unprotected.

Exterior concrete coatings for vertical walls include acrylic, cementitious, elastrometric and mineral-based stains. Parking garages and balcony deck coatings include urethane, epoxy, cementitious and hybrid deck coating systems. To the satisfaction of our clients, we have installed many different types of coating systems throughout the years.

Expansion joint systems are an integral part of all parking structures. Proper placement and installation of joints prevent major parking deck deterioration and failure.

Culbertson Restoration has relationships with all expansion joint manufacturers, allowing us to install these varied systems.