Repointing is an integral part of any masonry restoration project. Replacing and repairing masonry always includes some amount of repointing. A wholesale repointing project is larger, but the same basic technique applies.

The correct time to repoint a building varies upon the type of mortar issues present. Culbertson Restoration will evaluate the mortar condition and any issues causing deterioration.

Repointing, which is the removal of existing mortar to a depth compatible with allowing the new mortar to function for decades, must be performed correctly. Improper repointing can cause façade deterioration to accelerate and water intrusion to increase. Prior to beginning the repointing process, sample panels are completed to ensure the proper color match and joint type.

At Culbertson Restoration we ensure these repointing fundamentals:

  • Mortar removal: existing mortar is removed to a depth of 2 1/2 times the width of the existing joint. All substrate edges are thoroughly cleaned of old mortar. Head joints are cut true with corners cleaned to the full depth.
  • Preparation: All dust and loose mortar is removed followed by a thorough water rinse.
  • New mortar installation: A compatible new mortar is installed in compacted layers to ensure the proper bond. The finished joint is created to match the sample panel.